Smart and Mobile Devices – Tools and Toys


2013 marks a turning point for the Smartphones and Mobile Devices usage and sales of those devices exceed the PC usage and sales. While the frontiers between tools and toys disappear the Toys manufacturers like Fisher Price take advantage with products like the “Laugh & Learn Apptivity Creation Center”. This year, while someone wish the newest smartphone for christmas to be connected to Facebook everywhere, another is thinking buy a Tablet for business presentations or new Android phones for the sales staff. Many people like me, probably are thinking “why I need a smartphone?”. We have to consider the pros and cons of use Mobile devices and the convencional PC in our everyday life.

 “what do you do not matter, each object have the utility the user assign it”.

dtoy-phone-blue-baby_1024x1024One answer to the question would be “because I never needed one before”. I continue using my computer and my old Nokia phone most of time. But when the company where I work assigned me a smartphone I finally realize the a potential of the other users and for me. One night, I was waiting in the queue on a popular food point, I solved a job problem using my smart phone. Since then I have been exploring the smart and mobile devices usages. There are many things that I can do with a smart phone or tablet.

I used to criticize to people to use mobile devices like toys, or just for social networking; anyway each usage is valid, also we can create new uses with applications. So you can use as you want, including as paperweight. But before your child take your smart phone to play transformer’s battles, take a look at this list of  useful usages for smart phones or tablets.

  • Do calls
  • Send messages
  • Check you email
  • Play games
  • Access your social networks, site or blog
  • Listen music
  • Use the browser
  • Read news
  • Use applications
  • Buy on intenet

 “you should use those you likes and make you feel comfortable”.


Mobile devices are like shoes, is not enough it looks nice, should be usable for you. Every one have different requirements and will use the smartphone or tablet on different situations and conditions. Where and when you use it? How you carry it, in your pocket, purse or backpack? Do you have to write alot o just read some docs? how many hours per day you will use it?

The answers to those questions restrict the kind of device most adequate for you. There are many situations where to use a computer can be more comfortable than a smart phone or tablet. For example if you spend long hours every day in front of screen reading books, playing movies, playing video games or just working. In addition to the brand and price, to do a list of the your expected usages, and compare this with the features of devices in the market can help you to choose a device that fill out your requirements.

Smart and mobile devices will be part of our lives. Each time those are cheaper, diverse and with similar features. The differences between mobile and portable or desktop devices are disappearing, an the integration and syncronization between all devices it’s come true. So you have to be prepare to choose the devices that can be best for you.


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