QuicTask – Task Management for Vim


One of the most common problems, for web developer, would be task and time tracking. There are many reasons because time tracking would be tricky.

  • there are not an easy and simple way to do it.
  • To keep updated I spend part of my working time.
  • I have to remember the time spend on each task.

I like use the command line and keep a couple of windows opened if I’m using the GUI. I use vim as text editor, for me a combined text based time tracking and task notes, fast and easy to use is ideal to keep control about my tasks. I found Quicktask looking for some plugin to organize my text notes. I started to use it like experiment, but finally I keep it to use as my favorite task manager for vim. Quicktask have all that I need.

It is easy to use. Just take a few minutes to get familliar with the most common usage.
You can do any action quickly. Using key sequences.
I do not have to get out from vim. It really help me to keep focus on the tasks.
I can filter tasks and collapse the done task. I can save much time using those features.

Vim QuickTask Screenshot

Vim QuickTask Screenshot

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Encourage you to use this plugin, like to me, may be it help you to improve your time usage and keep focus while you are working.



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